The best way to get something done is to begin

best way to achieve something is to begin

I’ve been trying to start this blog for several years. Was I lacking the courage, a clear idea, or something else, I don’t know. Maybe all of it. One of the things I couldn’t decide on was the name, but why is that so important?

Well, the name is one of the things that define the blog, what is it about, defines it’s tone, identity and personality. This blog is intended to be educating and inspiring, targeting both web enthusiasts, professionals and small-to-medium website owners, sharing insights and ideas about design, development, optimization and promotion, and hopefully helping people that live on the web to achieve their goals and contribute to a higher quality of web environment.

I eventually chose the name “reSabi Board” to represent a place where info will be shared and discussed in a relaxed and informal way.

Please do share your thoughts about this name, and of the idea for the blog, off course! 🙂

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