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  • CSS Ruler – useful reference for relative and absolute dimensions in CSS


    I’ve been working and playing with CSS for several years, and still haven’t heard of some of these before. And they can be quite useful. Did you know CSS lengths can be relative to font, to viewport or absolute? Here you can see and compare available units from EMs to inches, as well as those […]

  • Increase productivity focusing on the most important tasks with Whiteboard

    Whiteboard productivity tool

    Here’s a new simple tool to increase your productivity, by focusing on the tasks that matter most in your day, be it at work or at home. With Whiteboard you can organize your tasks and focus on those due for today, moving the the rest out of focus for later. Tame your tasks and keep […]

  • Build Your Online Empire With Chatwing Chat App

    Chatwing for Android

    Everyone is carving their way in the online hierarchy. Some are building online empires, while others are just content in making a scene. If you’re building an online empire, regardless of the niche, there’s a chatroom tool that you can use. This tool appears in the form of a chat box, provided by Embedding […]

  • Design your own original fonts easily with Prototypo

    Prototypo font designer

    You’ve probably heard of Google Fonts, and it’s very possible you’re using them frequently. I know I do. They offer a couple of very good quality free and easy to use fonts, but, the selection is still very limited and the quality of most fonts leaves much to desire. That’s where Prototypo takes over. Prototypo, […]

  • Get Ratio – a handy design tool that helps you calculate ideal dimensions

    Get Ratio

    Web designers often have problems calculating the ideal proportions of the images placed on a web page, determining the most suitable height to a set width. Get Ratio is a very useful online tool lets you input the width of your layout and offers several standard ratios such as 4:3, 16:9 or the Golden Ratio. […]

  • Top Inspiration and Learning Sources for Web Designers


    The web is full of blogs, galleries and magazines that provide inspiration, education and insights for designers and web professionals in general, as well as for all niches. However, there are so many of them that one can’t possibly follow them all. Today I’d like to share with you some of my personal favorites that […]