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  • More cool WP hacks and snippets to improve UX and security

    Custom WordPress login

    Working with WordPress on a daily basis I found or created many snippets that make maintenance easier, user experience better both for authors and visitors, or the website more flexible and secure. In the previous collection I shared six useful hacks and snippets for inserting ads, social sharing and security. Today I’d like to share […]

  • 12 Essential free WordPress plugins that will make your life easier

    Disqus Comment System for WordPress

    One of the top reasons why I love working with WordPress is the amount and quality of free plugins that extend the functionality of the website. Even though WP was initially built for blogging, IMO it’s the best free CMS solution ever built. That’s why I wanted to share with you my list of essential […]

  • CSS Trick: How to get the height 100%

    CSS height 100% working

    This is a fairly simple trick, yet many designers are unaware of why when you set an element’s height to 100% it just doesn’t work, or how to fix that. The thing is, your element is just as tall as it’s parent is, so if it’s parent’s height is not set, or set to auto, […]