Lauren Conrad

5 Lovely Girly Websites For Inspiration

These are some beautifully designed and crafted websites with a feminine feel. With pastel pink and violet colors, lovely combination of hand-written type, watercolor effects or swirls, these examples show […]

Behance Illustrations: Ic4design works digest

10 inspiring Behance illustration projects

Great illustration, when well used, can do magic for visual identity and make a design look and feel great. Here’s a small collection of inspiring illustration projects from Behance, one […]

NewsCore WordPress Theme

10 Best Professional WordPress Themes for Magazines and News Portals

One of the qualities that sets WordPress far in front of their competition is the amount of high quality templates for all kinds of websites, from small blogs and portfolios, […]

Coloring Black & White Images

3 ways to colorize a Black & White image in Photoshop – Video tutorial

Have you ever wondered how those historical black and white photos got colors? There are several techniques for that in image editing software, and with some practice, you can do […]

Get Ratio

Get Ratio – a handy design tool that helps you calculate ideal dimensions

Web designers often have problems calculating the ideal proportions of the images placed on a web page, determining the most suitable height to a set width. Get Ratio is a […]

Website design process Infographic

Website Design & Development Process #Infographic

I found this infographic and thought it would be useful both to web design clients and less experienced designers to have a better understanding of the web development process, thus […]

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