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More cool WP hacks and snippets to improve UX and security

Working with WordPress on a daily basis I found or created many snippets that make maintenance easier, user experience better both for authors and visitors, or the website more flexible and secure. In the previous collection I shared six useful hacks and snippets for inserting ads, social sharing and security.

Today I’d like to share a few more of the simple tricks that will improve the security and user experience (both for visitors and staff) of your WordPress site.

Prevent WP from adding links to images

Add this piece of code to your theme’s functions.php file to disable the default linking when adding images. Note, this will not remove the existing links, just change the behavior when you add images.

Via WP Beginner

Disable comments for media (images)

Spammers just love to exploit these and when neglected you can get a huge amount of junk in your database. Unfortunately, from the media menu you can’t edit settings for all items comments at once, so you’re left with the frustrating job of changing one by one.

Luckily, there’s also this piece of code that disables all media comments.

Via WpBeginner

Replace WP logo with your own on WP-login

Custom WordPress login

This one is not that useful, but it’s cool, and if you build websites for clients, they’ll love it!

Via ElegantThemes

See also: Customizing the Login Form, How to Create a Stunning Custom WordPress Login Page

Add async and defer to javascript load

This little function is useful for enhancing user experience and SEO through reducing page loading time. It tells the javascripts to defer and load asynchronously, without stopping the HTML parsing.

Via Emoticode

Remove script and css versions and meta generator

These two functions make your WordPress installation a bit less obvious and, by hiding the version of your scripts and styles, a little harder for hackers to plan the attack.


CSS Ruler – useful reference for relative and absolute dimensions in CSS

I’ve been working and playing with CSS for several years, and still haven’t heard of some of these before. And they can be quite useful.

Did you know CSS lengths can be relative to font, to viewport or absolute? Here you can see and compare available units from EMs to inches, as well as those viewport related such as vh, vw, and vmax.


You can also see how the relative ones compare to the font-size of HTML and BODY.

5 Lovely Girly Websites For Inspiration

These are some beautifully designed and crafted websites with a feminine feel. With pastel pink and violet colors, lovely combination of hand-written type, watercolor effects or swirls, these examples show the application on personal portfolios, blogs, magazines and even ecommerce for a female audience, or for the ladies’ portfolios.

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad

Viva la Violette

Viva la Violette

 How Does She?

How Does She

Gingerbread Lady

Gingerbread Lady

Heather the Realtor

Heather The Realtor

The last one also features a lovely landscape illustration.


I hope you found this short list inspiring. If you find another well designed girly website, please share the link in the comments.

6 useful WordPress tricks, hacks & snippets

What you can do with WordPress is limited only by your imagination and your ability to write or find the right piece of code. Today I’d like to share with you a couple of very useful snippets and tricks that can help you create custom functionality for your WordPress based website.

Insert ads between posts

You’ve probably seen some websites place ads after, say, the 3rd post. Here’s how you can do it with just two lines of code.

Find the following line of code in your loop (blog posts, category, tag…)

Just before this line, place the following code:

Replace Insert Code Here with your ad code or whatever you wish to appear after the 3rd post.

Of course, if you prefer to put it after a 5th post or other, just change the number after $show_ads.

Via WPHacks

Limit WP post revisions easily

Whenever you save a change in a WordPress post or page, the system saves a version of that post. This can easily bring a lot of junk in the database, especially if you tend to make many corrections or save frequently as you prepare a post.

There are several plugins for removing revisions from the database, but there’s also a very easy way to limit the number of saved revisions for each post/page.

1 line of wp_config code is all you need:


  • true (default), -1: store every revision
  • false, 0: do not store any revisions (except the one autosave per post)
  • (int) > 0: store that many revisions (+1 autosave) per post. Old revisions are automatically deleted.

More info at WP codex

Custom template for each category

WordPress Category templates are very easy to use, view the WordPress Codex – Category Templates and you will see that hierarchy for a category templates is:

  • 1. category-6.php
  • 2. category.php
  • 3. archive.php
  • 4. index.php

This basically just means that WordPress will first look for a template labeled category-6, if there is none, it will then look for category.php and so forth all the way down to index.php.

More info at GabeDiaz, via reSapiens

Change the page title attribute

If you want to change your pages title template, and don’t want to use a SEO plugin for that, here’s a simple code for you. It takes the title of the blog for the home page, or the category, post or page title respectively.

Via WPHacks

Change the name/path of the wp-content folder

If you’ve ever wanted to rename the wp-content folder (eg., here’s a relatively easy way to do it. You might have wanted to rename it so it’s harder to tell the site is based on WordPress, or maybe for security reasons. Now you can with just a few lines of code in your wp-config file. I’ve combined two codes to get the desired effect, one from Hongkiat and one from MCloud. The one from Hongkiat didn’t work on localhost.

Don’t forget to replace with your site’s url and base with the name/path you want for your folder.

Share buttons without a plugin

These are the essential share buttons (Facebook, Twitter and Google+), but you can easily add others following the instructions on their websites. Using these can help lower the time needed for the page to load.

Got any cool snippet you would like to share?

Please add it via comments.

Photo Credit: bobbigmac via Compfight cc

10 inspiring Behance illustration projects

Great illustration, when well used, can do magic for visual identity and make a design look and feel great. Here’s a small collection of inspiring illustration projects from Behance, one of the largest creative galleries on the web.

Back to School 2014 by Herbert Ortega

Behance Illustrations: Back-To School 2014

Dia De Los Muertos “No Money No Fiesta” Cover Art by Marcos Cabrera

Behance Illustrations: Dia de los Muertos

Mercedes – Istanbul by CAN TOUCH THIS & IC4DESIGN

Behance Illustrations: Mercedes Istanbul

Alphabet city by ranganath krishnamani

Behance illustrations: Alphabet city - ranganath krishnamani

Owl King – Rainer Michael

Behance illustrations: Owl King - Rainer Michael

Cosmópolis by Aldo Crusher

Behance illustrations: Cosmopolis - Aldo Crusher

Tropical Dreams by Lisk Feng

Behance Illustrations: Tropical Dreams - Lisk Feng

IC4DESIGN WORKS -digest version-

Behance Illustrations: Ic4design works digest

Celebrating India by ranganath krishnamani

Behance Illustration: Celebrating India - ranganath krishnamani

Mix 2013 #1 Kit-Kat, Toyota, Shevrolet and other by Andrey Gordeev

Behance illustrations: Mix 2013 #1 Kit-Kat, Toyota, Shevrolet and other - Andrey Gordeev

10 Best Professional WordPress Themes for Magazines and News Portals

One of the qualities that sets WordPress far in front of their competition is the amount of high quality templates for all kinds of websites, from small blogs and portfolios, communities to global news portals and magazines.

While there are literally hundreds of thousands free themes out there, it often pays off to invest 30-50$ for a higher quality theme such as the ones below. This is just a small handpicked selection of professionally built WordPress themes for News Portals and Magazines that are available at ThemeForest.

All these themes are responsive and compatible with WP version 3.9

1. Spirit responsive magazine theme

Spirit WordPress theme

The Spirit theme offers a very well organized layout with plenty of space for everything a news/magazine website would need. It comes with many custom widgets, unlimited sidebars, built in review system and more.

2. Hot Topix

Hot Topix WordPress theme

Hot Topix is a modern magazine theme compatible with WooCommerce and bbPress, is retina-ready, fully-responsive and comes with five different ad units, including a wallpaper ad. Hot Topix also comes with a drag-and-drop homepage, featured posts on each category page, a “sticky” menu bar, post/page slideshows and so much more!

3. MaxMag

Max Mag WordPress theme

Out of the box, this theme is perfect for a lifestyle magazine. However, With a little tweaking and changing the style, it would be perfectly suitable for a news website. Max Mag is fully-responsive, retina-ready and Compatible with WooCommerce and bbPress. It also includes unlimited color schemes, a “sticky” menu bar, custom widgets and more. One of the things that makes it cool is the narrow central widget area.

4. Nadia

Nadia WordPress theme

While this theme is professional and highly customizable, developers looking to extend it might have a hard time with the CSS, so I wouldn’t really recommend it as a framework. However, if you’re looking for an out of the box media website, Nadia might be a great choice. Among it’s key features are the Featured Slider with a section of more featured articles just beside, colors for categories, social buttons and a multi-level dropdown menu. It was built on Bootstrap.

5. iMagPress

iMagPress WordPress theme

iMagPress is a theme perfectly suitable for a smaller lifestyle or entertainment magazine, with a clean homepage and category widgets.

It features a rating system, videos, filtrable AJAX/jQuery gallery, share buttons in posts and colored categories.

6. Lineza

Lineza WordPress theme

Lineza is a very clean WordPress theme with a bold innovative layout that lets users scan easily through the website. Lineza features, built in reviews, rich snipppets support, all Google fonts, unlimited colors, advertisement widgets, 6 featured post styles and many more features.

7. Cape Town

Cape Town WordPress theme

Cape Town is another great theme that packs plenty of information without looking overloaded. It’s colorful style makes it a perfect choice for an entertainment news/magazine website. It features multiple color pickers for different sections of the theme, custom CSS box, featured video widget, recent and popular posts widget and much more.

8. NewsCore

NewsCore WordPress Theme

NewsCore is a powerful versatile theme for the modern news websites, with several available home page layouts that will put your featured content above the fold. Beside the multiple home layouts, NewsCore features a drag-and-drop page builder, integrated reviews, and is WooCommerce ready.

9. WorldWide

World Wide

With it’s elegant and serious colors, this theme is ideal for a news company. World Wide features 7 blog styles, a page builder, advanced admin panel and is retina ready.

10. Zoombi

Zoombi WordPress template

Zoombi has a fresh layout and bold colors that make it perfect for modern magazines and editorials. It was built on Bootstrap and is retina ready. You can customize the colors and fonts easily to make it yours.


I hope this little guide will help you choose the best theme according to your site’s needs and style. If you know of other great WordPress themes for news and magazine websites, please suggest them in the comments.